Ilario in the garden at the Heidelberg site.

'Where I'm at in my life right now is I'm recovering from several things. I had surgery last year and that didn't go too well for me. So that was my post-traumatic stress event which triggered and brought my childhood trauma back to the surface.'

'I managed to survive in my life: I had floaties on. And so that just kept me afloat but I wasn't aware that was what I was doing. I thought I was equipped. But it wasn't until last year when I had surgery that it all started to come undone.

'It just threw me out completely and I really shut down. I isolated myself. I was slowly watching my world crumble away and I feared that I was also going to lose my relationship with my partner. It was pretty bad and I began to become very introverted which is not usually who I am.

'When I came to Steps to Wellbeing and met with my coach Franky, for me it was a breath of fresh air, it was light shed on my path.'

'One thing that was very important was the fact that I could sit with Franky knowing that I was sitting with someone who in some ways has travelled a similar path. I didn't have to explain things in detail. So by the time I left my session I felt good.'
Ilario and Franky at the activity room table chatting about wellbeing.
Ilario and Franky

'I've talked myself out of so many amazing opportunities because of the fact that it was always about what's the consequence of it. And now it's not about consequences anymore. It's about the experience. And if it doesn't go right then there is a way to change it.'

'It's important that I keep this momentum going. I want to go back and study. I know that I will go further.'

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Steps to Wellbeing participant Eleanor in front of a mural painting at our Heidelberg site.
'My coach came up with strategies for thinking about things differently. That was extremely helpful. Straight away I felt comfortable or welcomed and at ease.'
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